How Digitalization Elevates Candidate Experience

Digital transformation has been somewhat of a force of nature. Leading companies functioning in strategic industries have started it and companies are still leading it, but a lot of organizations, no matter how big or small, are finding themselves both obligated to adapt to this transformation and benefiting from it.

Companies and various organizations may be at the heart of digitalization, but employees from all industries find the increasingly more visible effects of transformation fruitful as well.

A particular group that benefit from the more digitalized processes of talent acquisition are candidates. Better technology, especially with the advancement of AI, when utilized correctly, often leads to a better candidate experience. Advanced technology and AI give companies to take efficiency in recruitment to new levels, and better optimized recruitment processes benefit candidates as well. aims to do just that.

Candidates can now reach a broader range of organizations and apply for more positions that are better-suited for them. Application processes take less time and are more efficient. AI-powered evaluation processes are less prone to discard well-suited candidates as human error is technologically mitigated. Candidates can also now turn to AI to better higlight their skills, experience and potential; or simply to prepare more effective CV’s. is a big help here for candidates and companies alike. As an AI-based recruitment mentor, Hiring Cycle helps candidates go through faster, fairer and smoother recruitment processes. From creating the job descriptions to assisting interviews, Hiring Cycle aims to improve the recruitment process and beyond.

With the help of technology and in particular, candidates can apply for positions that they are a better match for, their applications can be evaluated and concluded faster. can help direct candidates to previously unconsidered positions, effectively broadening their horizons.

Digitalization can also improve the interview phase for both parties; preparing the candidate better and elevate the process of evaluation for the recruiter. While this isn’t simply a matter of AI utilization, as digitalization also helps candidates with remote interviews and more flexible interview processes;’s AI-powered interview tool is a game-changer here as well, promising smoother communication between the company and the candidate, all for the goal of improved efficiency.

Digitalization and the general advancement of AI, not just, provide a better experience for candidates. Even in the case of a negative outcome, companies and candidates alike can use their application and interview experiences to craft a more efficient roadmap towards better recruitment and/or employment. At the end of the day, a correct utilization of AI benefits everyone.