Optimize Your Hiring Processes with Artificial Intelligence

Imagine you're either a human resources manager handling 2000 job applications per month or a startup founder hiring a team.

Creating a resume pool, scheduling interviews, conducting second rounds, transitioning from long to short lists, and managing all these tasks manually are all part of traditional hiring processes. You manage all these processes with the focus on completing hiring most efficiently and selecting the right candidate while facing the pressure to place the right candidate in the position quickly. Sound familiar?

All of the phases outlined above in typical hiring processes are time-consuming. Unfortunately, due to the time lost during the hiring process, there may be insufficient time for strategic human resources and hiring decisions. Let's briefly examine the nature of our traditional operation-focused hiring processes.

90% of HR Processes are Operationally Focused and Time-Consuming

In traditional HR processes, most of the steps you follow during recruitment are operational. Research shows that 90% of HR processes are operational. Inefficiency in hiring emerges right here.

The operational burden of recruitment processes not only consumes HR professionals' time but also increases the danger of neglecting highly qualified candidates. Screening accumulated resumes, organizing interviews from those who were removed, producing a long list, moving from long to shortlists, conducting several phone calls and multi-stage interviews, and lastly completing reference checks on the chosen applicant.

Furthermore, this hectic schedule prohibits HR staff from devoting enough time to strategic HR operations like establishing company culture, improving employee engagement, and implementing training and development programs. This circumstance may hurt the company's long-term performance and competitive edge.

Automating recruitment processes and other HR tasks is critical for lowering operational burdens and improving HR department effectiveness.

HR technology solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning can automate application management and assessment processes, facilitate interview scheduling, evaluation, and candidate communication, and speed up final steps such as reference checks. HR professionals can use such technological solutions to free up time for more strategic and value-adding activities.

Paperwork Chaos in Traditional Recruitment Processes

Another issue with traditional recruitment methods is paperwork chaos. Due to the nature of recruitment processes carried out traditionally, a lot of paperwork is generated. For instance, printing numerous resumes and interview notes taken on those resumes just to conduct interviews and pre-screen candidates. Does this scenario sound familiar?

Let's look into this more closely. It can be annoying to write things down on these printed resumes and take notes during talks with candidates. Not taking good interview notes can also cause you to miss important details or have trouble focusing on the right candidate, which can lead to bad hiring choices.

It can be hard to focus on finding, remembering, and presenting the right option when there is a lot of paperwork to do. Another thing about paperwork chaos is that it can damage the earth. Sustainability and doing things that are good for the environment are now important parts of company strategies. Traditional hiring methods, on the other hand, use a lot of paper, which goes against these goals and makes a company's environmental impact bigger.

Do You Have Time to Develop a Human Resources Strategy in Your Company?

As a human resources professional, dealing with routine recruitment tasks often impedes your ability to make strategic decisions such as corporate growth and building company culture.

For instance, it might take you at least 21 days to do things like interviewing your lengthy list of candidates and evaluating them. This time can be cut down to as little as three days, though, if you use an HR tech tool like hiringcycle.ai. Now that you have 18 days back, you can work on coming up with better HR options.

With this extra time, you can learn more, focus on strategic HR processes, and come up with a vision and mission for HR that are in line with the values of your business. You can work on your company's HR plan and make the hiring process more efficient with the 144 extra hours you'll have after 18 days of an 8-hour workday.

When modern HR Tech solutions are used, the hiring process runs more smoothly, giving HR professionals more time to do important jobs like long-term strategic planning for the company's success. This not only helps the company do better overall, but it also helps HR workers advance in their careers.

The Fear of Missing Out on the Most Suitable Candidates for the Position

People who use manual HR methods often worry that they will miss out on the best employees. When a company starts the hiring process, it may get thousands of applications at the same time. As an HR professional, you can use these applications to find the best candidate, interview them in-depth, show them to the manager who will be working with the hired person, and keep track of how the candidates and managers did in their interviews.

It can take months, though, to find the right person through this process. Because of this, a lot of HR pros have to reject 90% of applications just based on the cover letters. Maybe this is something you've also felt. Have you ever turned down a job applicant based on their resume alone?

When HR departments use manual processes, they have to do things like interviews and go from long lists to shortlists. They also have to think about questions like "Have I found the right candidate?" and "How quickly should I fill the position?" When things are done by hand, mistakes are more likely to happen, which makes it more likely that qualified people will be missed.

People who are applying for jobs can be interviewed quickly and easily with an HRTech SaaS tool like hiringcycle.ai.

Also, hiringcycle.ai doesn't have any of the flaws that people do. This feature gets rid of any biases that HR professionals might have during a busy hiring process, so bad hiring choices don't happen. If you hire the wrong person, it could cost you up to five times their yearly salary.

Ushering in a New Era in Human Resources: Artificial Intelligence

One of the hardest things for HR managers is that the standard ways of hiring people are hard to understand and take a lot of time. The examples we gave show what we've learned from having a lot of experience in the field. As technology changes quickly and finding qualified candidates becomes more important, the HR field is becoming more and more aware of how important it is to go digital.

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition and knowledge is easy to get. AI-powered solutions could change the way people are hired. For example, hiringcycle.ai and other AI-based platforms automate the hiring process when they are given correct data. This saves companies time and money.

Your digital assistant hiringcycle.ai is an AI-powered interview system that is always getting new data and changing based on that data. Its goal is to get rid of all the time-consuming tasks you have to do to become a 21st-century HR worker.

AI technologies not only speed up processes but also make it less likely that candidates will be picked unfairly, which makes the hiring process more fair. When it comes to making decisions, algorithms help HR workers by giving candidates fair evaluations based on their skills and experience. This helps make the workplace more open and accepting of different kinds of people.

Also, AI-powered analysis tools look at data from the hiring process to come up with new ways to hire people in the future. This helps businesses keep improving the way they hire people and make smarter choices about their strategic HR planning.

Would you like to look into AI-based options that can help you hire better people more quickly, save money, and make the hiring process more efficient? AI-powered HR management not only makes your business more competitive but also helps make the workplace more fair and welcoming for everyone.

Ask for a demo to see what AI-powered HR management can do for your business. Look forward to meeting you on this road to go digital.